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Because of the growing competition in the online marketing and online advertising scene, there are already a wide range of choices when it comes to promoting a certain product or service. While tradition dictates that article marketing and organic search engine optimization are the best tools in the shed, a new online marketing method has come to light - video marketing.

Video marketing is generally just like article marketing, except for the obvious that you need to have a compelling and creative video in lieu of an effective and compelling article. And in the same way that you submit articles to different online article directories, videos intended for video marketing are submitted to video sharing sites, the most popular of which is YouTube.

You need to not be an expert or a professional videographer or even a highly experienced online marketer to be able to create a YouTube video that will help increase your website ranks and attract more website visitors. With the kind of technology and gadgets that we have today, anyone can make a decent video that will pass the YouTube standards.

But while making the video itself is simple, thinking of ways to apply SEO through your YouTube videos are a little complicated. Unlike article marketing, video marketing may not as easy to manipulate and may require a little more than just the basics.

Here are some reminders that will help you stay on track when using SEO for YouTube videos.

Your video title should have the right keywords.
Just like how headlines are important to articles, the video titles for your YouTube videos should be carefully created. Think of how a normal YouTube user would do - what words will they likely use when he or she searches for a particular video?
As much as possible, avoid having general titles on your YouTube videos. Be creative; find a way for your video to stand out starting from the title.
Do not hesitate to elaborate on your descriptions.
If you trying to promote a product, say for example a food processor, once the video starts rolling do not skimp on the description. But remember to keep the keywords you are targeting in mind - they should still be seamlessly present in your description.

Go on to list as much details and features as possible about the food processor. Talk about its brand, its model name, what makes it unique, and so on while keeping the keywords people will be using to search for food processor videos in mind.

Link your YouTube video to other websites.
Just like doing SEO for a blog, you need to link your videos to other websites in order to get the full effect of SEO to your side. Link your video from your own blog, Facebook page, and other websites that might be interested as well.

SEO for youtube


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